Majestic Property Affiliates, Inc.

Operates as a joint real estate department, by creating strong professional relationships. We are responsible for many real estate decisions that stay true to our clients main objectives.

Some of our Services Include:

» Office Brokerage
» Retail Brokerage
» Industrial Brokerage
» Free Tenant Representation
» Owner (Landlord) Representation
» Property Management

Office Brokerage:

Majestic Property Affiliates, Inc. is extremely knowledgeable in New York Real Estate. Our ultimate goal is to initiate cost effective real estate decisions that supports our client’s essential business strategies.

Each assignment is a unique, complex and dynamic process that requires creative and timely methodology to address the numerous real estate issues that arise.

Services for acquisitions, dispositions, consolidation, subleasing, and relocation are supported through a process of strategic planning, augmented by a comparative financial analysis consulting and construction services.

Our ability to achieve our goal is represented by the many long term relationships we have built over the years. Majestic Property remains committed to developing alternative approaches and solutions that meet all our client’s real estate needs.

Retail Brokerage:

Majestic Property Affiliates, Inc. creates a partnership with our clients, enabling both retailers and investors the ability our market through strategic planning that will maximize their success, as well as helping both developers and property owners the ability to maximize their portfolio returns.

Our business model is to utilize a combination of skills acquired from first hand knowledge by our real estate professionals. Some of our Client’s include: Regis Corp, Pathmark, Dollar General, Krogers, GameSmart and many more…

Industrial Brokerage:

Majestic Property Affiliates, Inc. utilizes the knowledge of current market trends to offer our clients the ability to leverage the dynamics of the market place. Whether it is acquisitions, dispositions, government incentives site planning or build to suit analysis. Majestic Property offers our clients a complete assessment of each.

Free Tenant Representation:

Majestic Property Affiliates, Inc. team of professionals, advise our tenants on all their real estate needs such as, relocation, expansion, renegotiating, or dispositions. Strategic planning of their real estate needs is accomplished in conjunction with our client’s ultimate goals.

Utilizing creative problem solving and transactional structuring supported by a financial analysis allows our real estate professionals to guide clients thru all their real estate needs. Each tenant has unique requirements and needs which are addressed thru a custom approach to operational objectives. Our goal is to take the tenants current situation and business goals and align them with space programming and planning.

Owner (Landlord) Representation:

Majestic Property Affiliates, Inc. is always expanding our position in the market as a premier landlord representative. Whether we are representing corporate, institutional or entrepreneurial property owners we are extremely knowledgeable of the increasing complexities of the market and assess management. Our specialists have strong analytical capabilities and an understanding of the relationships between leasing objectives, tenant representation, building operations and investment goals.

Whether we are representing a single or multiple property portfolio’, each of our assignments require a customized comprehensive strategy. Ownership requirement to create value within the constraints of operational objectives and market conditions must be counterbalanced through effective strategic [property positioning, leasing, property management construction and accounting.

With combining our service professionals in various fields of expertise, we offer ownership a depth of knowledge and advise invaluable for successful execution of the long and short term loans.

Property Management:

Majestic Property Affiliates, Inc. strategy is to operate each property from an owner’s distinct point of view and a strong understanding of the needs and goals of each and every tenant.